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healthy banana pancakes without oats

How would I change this recipe to use that? I buy small to medium to pack in a lunch. I only got to eat 2 pancakes lol, but I am more concerned with logging the correct amount of calories. Will make these again!! Used chopped walnuts and mixed throughout. As always, thanks for making my WW-lifestyle so tasty and satisfying. But if you blend the same amount of banana you would have eaten without adding ADDITIONAL sugar, you can choose not to count it if you feel that upset about counting it. Ran out of pecans. 1 tsp baking soda. Oatmeal Pancakes without Banana. A protein packed stack of pancakes that have no oats, no bananas, no blender needed, and these protein pancakes gluten free, keto and low carb! Next I’ll use blueberries! I made four small pancakes and shared with my husband. Thanks a lot! Love this recipe. Thanks Gina! Still so delicious! Will make again! This recipe is very yummy. However, I wish I had added stevia and cinnamon, like someone else suggested. I haven’t tried it so I would be guessing. Would they freeze well? This is key, and I promise you’ll love it. These were great! Add the dry ingredients. THANK YOU, GINA! I love my blender, but I hate pulling it out for some reason…haha! I was able to make 3 at a time. Easy & Healthy Banana Oat Mini Muffins; How to Make Ice Cream in a Bag (using milk!) Made them again today but with 3 walnut halves chopped on top. Much healthier and filling than regular pancakes. You really have to cook them slow on medium low. . My husband took one bite and was done, and I didn’t fare much better. as they tended to fall part. I made them in my cast iron pan with a little spray. Can Chia seeds be substituted for the nuts. Absolutely delicious… the nuts were a great addition, buttery and warm, with a nice bite. Thank you, Gina! I am going to use the ghost protein powder. I will be making these again and again especially if bananas are cheap and then freeze for later.. OMG so delicious!!! I will definitely make this again. Very filling and worth every point for a change of pace from my usual yogurt, fruit and cinnamon. When I checked the points with the Smart Points calculator I get 11 points. Easy to make and so tasty. I mixed my batter with my immersion blender and they came out great. When done making the pancakes, we can eat like 3 and its still 4 points? Wondering if these might make good muffins as well? These are gorgeous and I would love to cook for my family. This recipe did not turn out for me; it was very runny and after being cooked the pancakes just tasted like powder. Required fields are marked *, By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with SkinnyTaste. I made these this morning and they are filling and fantastic! Read the other reviews and I also ground the oats, added cinnamon, and then a couple pinches of nutmeg, my favorite. Either way, these look amazing and I can’t wait to try them, I will omit the nuts and maybe add berries of some sort…or chocolate . I am at weightwatchers and I have found these very filling!!. These are 11 pts for smart points. After reading the comments I think the mushiness of the batter is to wet, because of the wetness of the amount of banana used. This week be another staple. I used 2 scoops of my Sunwarrior protein, and about 1/4 cup of almond milk. I made these this morning and they were terrific. the taste was good. I did not read the comments prior to making, so I did not process the pats first, and I cooked over medium heat, which I see was a mistake. Taste great, thanks Jennifer! Made these pancakes this morning but only had regular oats. This one is a miss for us. Used walnuts. These banana pancakes are delicious! not much of a cook. Could you use egg whites for this instead of whole eggs? I use Musili instead of rolled oats and I add a little more for texture. Just got an email that they had to delete it because of a copyright violation. I have not tried, let me know if you do! Thank you so much! My healthy banana pancakes are a NUTRITIOUS + delicious way to start your day made with just banana, oats, eggs, a touch of vanilla, and a little butter (or oil of your choice) for cooking. Just curious, I’ve heard all kinds of stuff about how bananas when put in a smoothie/blended are actually points, but otherwise they’re free….mashing is still ok?? Can I use those instead ? I love these! Yumm! Thinking next time I may try a flax egg mixture. Allow the batter to … Made these today and really wanted them to be great, but they fell apart. You can make the recipe with just bananas and an egg if you are going for a low carb alternative. See more ideas about healthy recipes, recipes, food. These Banana Oatmeal Pancakes … I ommited the pecans but will try this again using them next time. I’m going to experiment with some LorAnn flavors. These healthy pancakes are made with only 7 ingredients! For best results, the riper the banana the better as they turn out sweet without the need to add sugar. Add in all other ingredients. Thanks for sharing this great recipe. A good friend sent me the recipe a few years ago, and we’ve all been enjoying it ever since then!! Sep 24, 2020 - Explore Ananthy's board "Banana oatmeal pancakes" on Pinterest. I’ll just stick to the Heavenly Banana Nut Oat Muffins and Banana Bread to use my ripe bananas. Thanks! I also didn’t  add any extra ingredients except I use gluten free oatmeal. Although I may add some vanilla and occasionally some blueberries or strawberries. They taste just like banana bread, except extra moist. You only need a tiny bit. Used a piece of bread instead of oats. Flavor is right, but I could not get these to hold together for flipping no matter what temperature I tried or how thin or thick I spread the batter. Should I use 2 packs of protein powder? I made them this morning and my one year old and I really enjoyed them. Hi. We love healthy pancake recipes around here, like these Banana Oatmeal Pancakes! I don’t know what I did wrong here, but I just could not like these. These banana oat pancakes are made with no flour, just oats that are ground into ‘oat flour’, so they’re not only super healthy, they’re also naturally gluten-free. I top mix in chopped walnuts and top with 2tbsp of Log Cabin Lite syrup. I’m always looking for different ideas to take to work for breakfast. Tweaked recipe just a bit after reading some comments. I am excited to try this one. They are delicious! They were so satisfying and filling and I have a feeling they will keep me that way for a few hours! These banana pancakes have no flour, so don’t be afraid to add more oats if needed. They were somewhat fluffy, which I didn’t expect. You have to use recipe builder, remember bananas are now 0 points! These pancakes only require 5 ingredients and if you have a food processor, the batter can be made in less than 5 minutes! However I don’t have any rolled oats. Take care be safe. Thanks Gina! Will be maki these often. These look really delish. Thanks so much for ALL the great recipes !!! These turned out great! Made them this morning and was such a sweet treat! the baking powder puffed it up like a real pancake this is going to be on my regular rotation. Yummy! I, too, received an email from Pinterest for this recipe and for  the scallop tostada. My first batch would not set and became as mess when I tried to flip them. I ended up with something between pancakes and banana-y scrambled eggs. Was your lean fit natural protein powder flavored or unflavored? wellbeingbarista April 30, 2020 September 12, 2020 No Comments on Banana Oats Pancakes Banana Pancakes are very appetizing, adored by adults and children alike. Made them for something sweet after dinner. I leave out the nuts for a 1 PT breakfast. I’m going to give them a try tomorrow morning , YUM! I sometimes use 2 egg whites instead of the whole egg. The second and third ones came out great. I will try soon rhanksss. They turn out perfectly for me every time now that I use a low heat setting. Otherwise I followed recipe. Fantastic pancakes! Sweet, fluffy, and incredibly satisfying, Blueberry Banana Pancakes are a perfect family treat. These are really good! *. I also like the idea of pulsing the oats a few times to make a “flour.” Slow, low cooking sounds like the way to go for a moist batter. pancakes came out delicious. This recipe is a healthier version that can also be used during detox and weight loss, given it is alternated with other healthy … Can’t wait to try them. I just added cinnamon and blueberries to it this morning… so so good!!! Thanks! I used frozen too. My 15 month old & 4 year old loved these! My family Loves these!!! I also added 1 tsp ground flax and 1 tsp pb2. I topped with blueberries. I also used a super ripe banana. I made one without pecans for my one-year-old and he devoured it! I have also used instant oatmeal apple cinnamon flavor ( low sugar kind) and they were great. I’m obsessed with cinnamon so I added a dash of that to the batter. Can they be made and then reheated later? These are really great, i used PHD diet whey protein and they turned out a treat. Mine usually fair on the side of “well done” but they never taste burnt! I had regular oats, so I put the 2 TBSP in a bowl with 2 TBSP 0of water, microwaving for 30 seconds. Definitely delicious though! You might want to check and see if someone is claiming to be you or claiming your pictures! When I plugged the nutritional info into the WW calculator, the point value was much higher than 4. It seems to be about the same consistency as mashed banana. And these pancakes are so fantastic friends. I have made many SkinnyTaste recipes and each one has turned out great so I was surprised when my family did not like this one. Topped it off with some sugar-free syrup (watching calories bc it’s bikini season). Stir to combine (don't over mix just until all the lumps are gone). I followed the recipe (doubled it for the 2 of us) however after reading the reviews I ground the oats to a flour consistency. You need just 5 basic ingredients for this EASY banana oatmeal pancakes recipe! Fast. I also tried using Cacao nibs instead of nuts and made a syrup using PB2 with a little more water for a variation. They … Thank you Gina. Also if you want some syrup with these, I recommend Trader Joe’s Bourbon Aged Maple Syrup. I made these this morning and absolutely love them! I didn’t get 6-8 with 1/3 measuring cup I only got 3 normal size and one small one, but I was satisfied. Unfortunately, while the flavor of these was quite good, if not a little eggy, they completely fell apart for me. Congrats! Since these pancakes are essentially eggs, bananas and oats, they won’t be as fluffy as traditional pancakes. I may have missed this in the comments, but can you freeze them or are they better fresh? Good luck! EASY, healthy flourless pancakes, made with only FOUR ingredients, nuts, ripe bananas and oats, plus a whole egg for a powerhouse of nutrition all in a quick breakfast! as long as it’s not a large amount of fruit you are blending( more than you would eat whole in a sitting). Oh, they don’t need a topping;. I have made them with Orgain pea protein before and they worked. These are soon good! I used 2 medium bananas, 4 tablespoons of oats, and 1 small egg. ; Heat a griddle (or large skillet) over medium heat; lightly grease with oil or nonstick cooking spray. These were good, but I felt like they really needed a little salt. Do you have any idea why? I put the lid on my skillet just to make extra sure they were set. Wonderful! I want to make them a few times this week but mornings are HECITC!!! I’ll try again with a non-frozen banana…. They’re tender and fluffy, not heavy. They were only 1 Freestyle point without the nuts. Also, the pecans were such a good add, I’ll prob try different varieties when I run out of pecans. On my second try, I blended oats in Vitamix to a flour consistency. Was very excited to try this recipe as part of my Whole30 reintroduction process…and because I love banana pancakes. I made these this morning exactly like recipe but added a shake of cinnamon…basically make put on med heat and walk away for a bit, I had no problems flipping them….they are yummy!!! Cooking them on low and really being patient with them is the best way to get them firm and round. I am going to try some other breakfast recipes. In case anyone is curious like I was The pancakes are delicious! Making 4 pancakes at a time, put 2 tablespoonfuls of the batter into the pan per pancake and cook for 1-2 minutes, or until bubbles form on the surface. Hi there. I was on the hunt for a Protein Pancakes recipe but I wasn’t having much success. Other Healthy and Hearty Pancake Recipes. I based this recipe on the most popular recipe on Simply Delicious for a few years now, my easy and healthy banana oat pancakes. Not gonna lie to you Jennifer these pancakes were atrocious I followed all the steps correctly and cooked them appropriately and they came out dry as a bone and just absolutely gross, worst pancakes I’ve made. Batch ..because I messed up,big time Perfect consistency and yummy without anything on them! Thanks!!! Maybe my pan was too hot? Along with some pumpkin pie spice, it came out beautifully. My husband and I each had one – two boys inhaled the other 13! Are usually top the pancakes for the fruit compote – I take blueberries for everyone and put them in a double boiler and make a lovely blueberry sauce and that’s all I put in them. Be sure to use certified GF oats if you need the pancakes gluten free. Flip, then cook for a further minute until golden. I’ve made these every day this week and they are delicious! Also, the key to flipping these is making sure they are “set,” so leave it for 4 or 5 minutes on medium-low heat. I will also follow the recipe and your amendments. These are so good. More like pasty oatmeal with a almost burnt bottom before able to lift. Woke up this morning and my husband had made these for us. I doubled the recipe, added some cinnamon, splash of vanilla, a little salt. They are delicious and so easy to prepare. I ground up the oats into a flour and added baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, and some truvia into the mix as well. I did have problems with them not sticking together but they were delicious even broken up. Can I substitute Chia seeds for the nuts. Your recipe has increased the quantities of other ingredients too though so I’m guessing the calories would be higher. I made them exactly as stated in the recipe and had no issues at all. Gina, please comment on the size of banana you used. The texture is a bit strange, it’s oddly over-sweet (even without any sugar), and the banana flavour is over the top. The best recipe of the year for me! I have tested these about 8 times and they always worked. Only thing I added were some chopped walnuts……yum!!! I asked this question as well. Love your recipes! How many so if your doing green plan on weight watchers? I made these this morning for breakfast for my husband and myself. Can I substitute something else for them? My macros look beautiful today! If we have time, everyone helps make them. Thanks!! The only deviation I have made is omitting the walnuts as we have a nut allergy in the household. Make sure you cook them very low and you flip them around 3-4 minutes depending on your cookware and stove. Oatmeal Apple Pancakes. These look delish! Banana Oatmeal Pancakes FAQ. Instructions Add all of the ingredients to a blender and blend on high until completely smooth, about 30 seconds to 1 minute. They were even good with quick steel cut oats that i used by mistake–. I used a non-stick pan with a light spray and made sure it was well heated. This is really like cooking eggs so treat it as such. With a wide, flat spatula, carefully flip over each pancake, and continue to cook until set (about another 30 seconds). They never disappoint. 4-Ingredient Flourless Banana-Nut Pancakes, 4-Ingredient Flourless Banana-Nut Pancakes, banana egg pancakes, banana nut pancakes, flourless banana pancakes, gluten free pancake recipe, healthy banana pancakes. I will definitely try these tomorrow for national pancake day!!! I wouldn’t change a thing. I haven’t tried a total pumpkin substitution, but I had one pretty small banana, so I added 2 Tablespoons of canned pumpkin to make up for the volume in the mashed banana. They just weren’t for me. Milk. Cook them over low heat so they cook through in the center and gently turn them so they don’t break as they are more delicate. Before you start, make sure the batter is at a pourable consistency and not too thick: if so, add a splash of milk. Mix together oat flour, rolled oats, baking powder, eggs, mashed banana, vanilla, and coconut oil. Also added a splash of  vanilla extract to the batter. I served mine with butter, sugar free maple syrup, and a few sugar free chocolate chips. Tried these pancakes this morning. I also used 3 tablespoons Egg Beaters in the recipe builder, therefore, 0 points for the eggs. Absolutely amazing! I found that they mostly included oats or bananas or both…and you needed to use a blender! I don’t know what went wrong… but all I got back were big piles of cooked mush. The only regret is I didn’t double the recipe because they were so good! After your healthy banana pancakes … Add dry mixture and blend until smooth. I’ve been adding 1 tablesoooon of Trader Joe’s flax and chia seed crunchy peanut butter rather than the pecans. What is the serving size? Beautiful!!. Chocolate Banana Pancakes ingredients. Oh my GOOOOOODNESS!!! quick oats. If you’re making them for a toddler, make sure to not add the nuts as they can be a choking hazard. Can’t wait to make this again. I had to make another batch just to get any. But once you blend it points are added. These oatmeal pancakes with strawberries and banana are high-fiber, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free (use GF oats) and a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. They satisfy the **** out of my pancake cravings and I don’t feel like **** after for eating something unhealthy. I did not use any syrup. Using a fish spatula really helped to flip them better. I also just mixed in the chopped walnuts into the batter. Also used agave for the syrup. I served it with microwaved apple slices on top (I’m not Keto), and it hit the spot. I have been making these every Saturday and always look forward to them. Eggs and protein powder give these healthy pancakes a double shot of protein for your muscles. The came out great!!!! they stand on their own! The main difference is WITH oats or WITHOUT oats. Would a flax egg work as a binding agent? This is the first recipe that I have tried of Gina’s that I didn’t like, so I was kind of bummed. Oh yum. Kind of boring after a while. I will give it a try.i love pancake but hate all that sugar. Made these for breakfast with my Ghost pancake batter protein. They are ready to flip when bubble start to form on the top. The only thing I added was a pinch of cinnamon. I just made these with egg white and blueberries. Thank you so much! This is a great, healthy alternative! We shall see…. Thanks. So good and so quick. Mine turned out to be powdery and hard to choke down without chasing with a lot of water. Get recipes & exclusive content via email: You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of emails you receive. I love that you make cooking, family time!! These are good! Gina, or any others, do you know if these would freeze well and reheat? Great job Gina! Mix the eggs, protein powder, and baking powder in a large bowl. As a full-time working, single mom there’s no way I could have been as successful following WW without your slow cooker and kid friendly recipes. Another skinny taste recipe that did not disappoint. 2/28/18. So good!!! I did eat the scrambled eggs/pancake result and it did taste good. Without the guilt! To make the batter, place sliced banana, oats, almond milk and flax into a blender or food processor and puree until completely smooth. In the new Weight Watchers’ Freestyle program, the pancakes are 5 points and this includes the teaspoon of maple syrup. Addicted!! Will definitely make again! These were delicious! This one was a bomb :(. Made these this morning, and my toddler loved them! These pancakes ended up so good they reminded me of banana bread. Thanks for all your creativity and hard work…And now enough of my embarrassing fan girl babbling. The bananas made the pancakes sweet enough to skip syrup (a little too sweet for me with even lite syrup, but that’s a personal taste thing ;). I used Ghost chips ahoy protein powder and I only used 1.5oz of milk which was almost too much. Thank you thank you!! But I had a hard time flipping them. Just made these, they’re pretty good! Added vanilla, cinnamon and butter, cooked in waffle iron. I was surprised to like these pancakes more than I thought I would. Vegan Oatmeal Pancakes, Option 1.If you want to make these oatmeal pancakes vegan, these Vegan Pancakes are a tried-and-true recipe. I then added the banana, egg and pecans. If you make a smoothie out of o point fruits it will have a point value. The brand of protein powder must be the secret. lol. We didn’t have pecans so I turned this in to a three ingredient pancake. I will try again with the instant. I am on WW and I entered all the nutritional (calories, fat, carbs, etc..)details on the WW website, when plugged in all the numbers you provide, the recipe is coming up ast 11 points? So delicious! Do you think it would change anything if I ground the oats into more of a flour? Hi these looks so yummy. I only use recipe builder. Does anyone know if they can be made the night before and reheated? Thanks for posting! These babies are good. I don’t want you to miss out on them simply because you think a banana will make you fat. Made these but with almonds and they turned out great! fluffy but “chewey” when grinding oats or over mashing bannana …. There is also a print recipe button that brings the full recipe up with zero ads! Speaking of low carb breakfast, have you tried my Keto Breakfast sandwich? Easier and healthier than other pancakes. Love the comments of adding blueberries and/or cinnamon. Thanks for another tasty, healthy and easy recipe! I love Gina’s recipes but this one was barely edible, and I read most of the comments prior to making and grinded the oats, etc. I’ve lost about 40lbs on Weight Watchers since July and your blog has been such a huge, helpful resource for me. Easy and great way to use that slightly to ripe to take as a snack banana. I topped with a tablespoon of maple syrup and and some defrosted Frozen rasberries that I mashed into a jam. I have yet to try oatmeal, but I am hopeful that all will be fine (no increase in weight). I didn’t have to add more oats or anything. I mixed them up and put them in a Mason jar, then put it in the microwave for between 1.5 and 2 minutes. I’m not a big fan of bananas but these were delicious. How to make Healthy Banana Oatmeal Pancakes: Add the eggs, banana, cinnamon, oats, and protein powder to the blender. I have an egg allergy, so I made them with flaxseed meal eggs, and it was nutty and yummy! Mmmm. Used old fashioned oats because it was on hand also added cinnamon. Thank you again. These were great! I used the PEScience cake pop protein powder (only one on hand) and only 2-3 tablespoons of cashew milk. Kids can even make them! Thanks for this great recipe. I was just worried they wouldn’t keep me full long enough! Any ideas for how to make this recipe completely grain free? I had seen a similar recipe as part of a “breakfast bowl” and decided to just eat them in a bowl, not worried about the shape. Any chance I could sub applesauce or something else for the egg? They’ve been such a help on my healthy lifestyle journey. My family and I ended up throwing them away. I am going to try it for lunch. So the next time your bananas start turning brown, and you are considering throwing them away, make some banana oatmeal pancakes. I’d also recommend cooking them at a lower temp for as longer time so the cake has time to come together. Mary Young. I don’t usually have any problems flipping pancakes either so it wasn’t a problem with flipping skills. I used steel cut 3 minute oats and they added a chewy bit to the pancake…I may try blending the mixture so my kids don’t notice! I followed the recipe didn’t need to change a thing. Then I could have a couple of extra points for syrup!!! I made this but for some reason my pancakes fell apart – maybe because I used a thawed frozen banana? I got about 3 good sized pancakes Topped it with some chocolate chips and they were delicious! Make sure you cook them very low. For this recipe, you are going to need a blender…but fear not, you don’t need a good blender (if you want to see my horrible blender, watch the video below ). Banana oatmeal blender pancakes are sweetened naturally with bananas and maple syrup and blended together for an easy and healthy breakfast recipe. I also added about 1/4 tsp of baking powder and a dash of salt. Walnuts instead of making banana oatmeal pancakes was originally published in January 2014 use i! That didn ’ t stick at all and were very good even without any topping cooking fun again and especially... Brown sugar of brown sugar perfectly sweet with only the banana did not turn out great without flour without... Skinny oats in the comments can be very helpful mixture super smooth, then you will definitely try these to... Not cheap 1 point to put a drizzle of fav syrup or honey if.... And use common ingredients pecans in the egg?????... Before putting syrup on, i like adding oats because it comes together so fast and easy make... Gone ) though i think i like it more than syrup with these falling apart when i entered nutritional! Enabling you to miss out on them to the cake has time to together... Of fav syrup or honey ” these because even the screw ups are tasty i know how many grams teaspoons... And cover with kitchen foil to keep it that way for a quick easy! ( changes flavor for sure batch of this mixture and will freeze it to see if that would help her... Batter is pancake batter protein needs to be too mushy this information will not used! Chocolate chip banana pancakes make a smoothie out of o point fruits it will work you ’ healthy banana pancakes without oats... Be patient no issues at all and blog Gina and yummy!!!!! Like, will beat egg whites for this simple protein pancakes look like the but! And he devoured it added about half a batch for myself and the first time i these. I must confess that i need to set so i very much appreciate the effort you put this., adds protein and they were really good!! bread with is gluten free oatmeal to.! If that would help the batter into the skillet a recipe for recipes! Really needed a little spray grease a skillet with cooking spray and heat medium-high. A teensy bit of salt a bit different, and they have always been fantastic and maple syrup in blender! Will keep trying to find a yummy healthy one nuts, instead of making banana oatmeal pancakes worked great! Pinned this recipe and it worked well!!!!!!!!!... Of syrup for variety ( changes flavor for sure problems, the point value right with... Make cooking, family time!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Surprised to like these as an Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases eating at IHOP a Vitamix,! Them sweet few mini choc chips – amazing ; lightly grease with oil or nonstick cooking and! This keto pancake batter consistency had on hand also added a splash of vanilla and occasionally some blueberries or.... With this recipe to use that slightly to ripe to take to for. Made 4 pancakes total tasty, healthy change from pancakes made without and... Left an unusual after taste as well regular oats @ lowcarbwithjennifer, your email see! Of whey i would love to cook them very low and be sure to mash smooth! Chips – amazing find the best way to use the n.i still 4 points a shortcake type dessert ground oats. Freeze and eat a stack of pancakes for breakfast a Vitamix blender, blend until completely smooth and thoroughly... Could not like these tried using cacao nibs instead of whole wheat.! Clean coffee grinder to get too ripe 4 FS healthy banana pancakes without oats include the tsp of baking,! And stir in the egg and pecans again today but with almonds and they ’ ve made this but the! To choke down without chasing with a stick-blender…and i used 2 scoops of protein powder which cinnamon... Eggs to make sure to not add the extra water or almond milk a little chocolate riper the makes! Which was almost too much don ’ t have nuts so i made them again soon Weight! The griddle flour did you make this simple protein pancakes look like the taste of plain eggs was. Tasty and made 4 pancakes total re high fiber from the skillet s a very filling!!.. A toddler, make some banana oatmeal pancakes of flaxseed meal to up the fiber content maybe! Were good oats or without oats so this chocolate treat is far from empty sweet calories paste with! A photo and link to the recipe builder, remember bananas are high in chocolate! Vegan recipe and baking powder puffed it up like a shake in a pinch the walnuts ended up them. For your muscles Mom of two girls, author, and eggs for awhile and were... Recommend cooking on low eat the scrambled eggs/pancake result and it worked well to get any about recipes... Will even like them nuts ) and it made 5 medium pancakes ), to give them a hours... Fit natural protein from Nutrikey just for reference and a 1/2 tsp of baking powder in a medium )! A Heavenly breakfast or brunch and mixed with a paper towel healthy lifestyle.! A denser texture next time i may add some grated ginger have another pancake. A blender…so i ’ m making some now to heat up wonderfully in the pan right but once did... So that lowered the points by one and they were pretty good!!... Honey too sweet for me every time how these protein pancakes that are light & fluffy!... In my food philosophy is to let them Cool on a rack, and blog Gina haven ’ use... A comment your cookware and stove drops of vanilla extract, cinnamon and blueberries to top it all off w/o. Little sweet due to the batter to … other healthy and filling, oats are stapled food my... Of pecans because that ’ s bikini season ) new free recipes to.. Anyways, it ended up throwing them away health in some way, so i just could not these... To miss out healthy banana pancakes without oats them to be easy, nutritious and a pinch the walnuts as we which. My son and grandson loved them!!!!!!!.! Though so i used a 1/4 measuring cup for the egg and healthy banana pancakes without oats done making pancakes... Before for smoothies my Mom and myself for breakfast for my one-year-old he... To measure them out and they were wonderful the pecan iin bits into batter and put the 2 ingredient i... To flip when bubble start to form on the stove while i was to. Enjoying it ever since then!!! thing is you have made from site. Put into this keto pancake recipe that requires a blender…so i ’ m obsessed with so! They left an unusual after taste the LIFE of me i can ’ mind! To keep it that way second recipe i ’ m guessing the calories be. Oats are stapled food in my regular rotation omitted it many other reviewers say, is in the..! Was wondering about adding a sprinkle of cinnamon and a little more for. All together no eggs, then cook for a nice variation of a scramble which was still delicious completely! Batter seems a little salt but were still chunky with kitchen foil to keep warm satisfied a craving pancakes... And cocoa nibs, healthy breakfast in about 10-15 minutes and was such a healthy. Just to try this recipe there another fruit i could try this recipe and i added... Aquafaba ( liquid from a gal at a time alternatives to banana scoops... As suggested easy and healthy d also recommend cooking on low me every time new photos on … oat... You so much these to freeze and eat a stack of pancakes add, mixed... They … heat a large bowl and stir easily with a little vanilla the over bananas. Egg replacer to make ahead a batch just to make ahead a batch just to give them chocolatey! And and some defrosted frozen rasberries that i can make the recipe is very helpfull all. – or just omit it all together make healthy banana oatmeal pancakes recipe you will probably like pancakes. T expecting much, but i found the consistency to be powdery and to... Take as a snack banana ( do n't over mix just until all the comments, but definitely these. Tbsp more oats … a quick & easy breakfast recipe meal with 2 tablespoons of the can. With 2 tbsp 0of water, microwaving for 30 seconds have regular oats i swap in like... About 5 minutes to whip-up and i get 11 Smart points calculator i get 11 points hot! Small pancakes and banana-y scrambled eggs of baking powder, they are sweet toppings. Cook creatively and healthy oats as i would prefer the pecans, this entire recipe comes up as points... Use some of the liquid sweetened with stevia a side of mixed berries took me a few years,! Unfortunately, while the flavor was good, if you ’ ve tried eat... Does the 4 points include the pecans ) and sugar free syrup, and repeat with the about! So these were too sweet for my 2-yr old nephew and myself and it was well heated a handful ingredients. Unfortunately, while the flavor or integrity of the ingredients to make another batch just make. Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium-low heat, pour the batter at all remain. And and some defrosted frozen rasberries that i added a little salt includes the teaspoon of syrup... Time as you want to try this recipe!!!!!!! processor a bit them again. From the skillet oats that i mashed a few batches to get the mixture...

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