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qi stagnation treatment

Symptoms: tendency to depression, frequent sighing, flares of temper, sensation of something being stuck in the throat, pain in the ribs or abdomen, uterine cramping, tension in the body that seems stuck, IBS Fortunately, help is at hand. Other points on the feet ground it or pull it down. You could do something else. If you diagnose which acupuncture channel is generating the Heat, choose points on that channel to clear it, Suppose the patient was yin or blood deficient, doing things that weakened these sides of his health. Read our, Medically reviewed by Arno Kroner, DAOM, LAc, Medically reviewed by Richard N. Fogoros, MD, Medically reviewed by Rochelle Collins, DO, Medically reviewed by Casey Gallagher, MD, Medically reviewed by Corinne Savides Happel, MD, What a Spleen Qi Deficiency Means in Traditional Chinese Medicine, How Traditional Chinese Medicine Is Used to Treat Different Conditions, What You Should Know About Acupuncture for Weight Loss, The Purported Health Benefits of Magnolia Bark, How Tongues Are Used to Assess Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Treating Thyroid Disease With Traditional Chinese Medicine, Discover How Acupuncture Can Help Back Pain and Neck Aches. Gradually it penetrates further into your system, with more serious stress symptoms. Over-consumption of alcohol and other toxins, which are all heating in nature, also accumulates "heat in the Liver". 5) People with Liver Qi Stagnation gravitate to drink caffeine. Stagnation . (!). Most of a person’s qi comes from the foods they choose to eat and the air they breathe, so often nutritional recommendations are made to treat a deficiency. This presentation will discuss Aetiology, Pathology and Treatment of Qi Stagnation in Chinese medicine. Some points affect particular parts of the body. Too much of even the right oils and too much of the wrong oils cause. Of course! If these options fail then your condition is, . . Sometimes you can walk away from it, take the loss – the ‘hit’, but begin to ‘live’ again. Your email address will not be published. To understand stagnant qi, you first need to understand Qi. Pathology . As the Liver regulates the timing and distribution of resources to all of the organs including the Spleen, Liver Qi Stagnation may weaken Spleen functions. They found that acupuncture points have many properties. For the sub-pattern with liver qi invading the stomach, the treatment principle is to soothe the liver and harmonize the stomach, and to move the liver qi to relieve pain. So: running, competitive sports, weight-lifting, vigorous swimming, skipping (some examples). Chest feels tight – you can’t get your breath – you start worrying about asthma, which it isn’t: yet! You might not know what it is but sooner or later, it will keep repeating – more often as you grow older. Sometimes this precedes and sometimes it follows abdominal symptoms. Once again, ladies, if your liver is not working as it should, you will likely experience worsening signs of PMS . So if you cycle, use upright, not under-slung, handlebars. The more you know about the points and the theory the more creative you can be. Along with many of the products mentioned in this DO NOT EAT list, they produce. If you would like to learn more (much more!) It also eases the flow of yang qi in the chest, helping one to breathe more freely, often a problem if you’re tense from qi stagnation. This counteracts the, Unfortunately most such foods and alcohol have. ): Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill by Udo Erasmus, Many prescribed medications upset your Liver. As source point Spleen 3 strengthens your Spleen so enhances your digestion, energy and Blood and helps to clear or disperse Damp. Problems letting go of what’s gone? www.acupuncture-points.org is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon.com. Hourly messages and the possibility you must return to work are not conducive to recovery. It has a range of possible therapies. Tonifies the Spleen, tonifies Qi, moistens the Lungs, clears Heat and moderates and harmonizes the properties of other herbs. This presentation consists of a 51 page PDF presentation available as a download. i also need to buy your books on managing stress. Like acupuncture points, every food or herb has its own qualities and the two thousand-plus years of experience is there for our potential benefit. But still, it’s always in the background. At this stage, with chronic stress symptoms, what you can do changes somewhat, but there is still one way to help. Where western medicine might treat tiredness with stimulants, such as coffee, TCM concerns itself with addressing the issues causing the fatigue in the first place. Environmental conditions may worsen whatever form your Qi stagnation is turning into. And there are lots of other point combinations! How you use them depends on the particular patient and his or her idiosyncratic reactions to life, Qi stagnation increases yang at the expense of yin so …, It increases Heat and Wind and decreases Blood, Nutrition, relaxation. Sometimes you feel a band round your centre. He lists the kind of foods and herbs that might hinder or help you. You might not like some of the Qi stagnation foods listed, or your reaction might be unusual! Anything that flexes your spine in all directions and makes you stretch, bend and reach is great. ), you should already be taking more exercise. Liver 3 strengthens Blood and Yin, so calms and steadies Heat and tension. Deputy: Regulate the … In that case you must to talk with someone who can help disentangle yourself from it. If some don’t, try others! This means that it disperses symptoms like wind-cold-damp which often bind the gallbladder channel, easing out tense shoulders, for example. But I often cycle, and walk a lot.). Chicken soup is good for convalescents. More important is that it adjusts the balance between the protective (wei) and nutritive (ying) energy functions. But it must take you away from the source of stress for long enough for your body and mind to have time to recover health. Among the worst things you can do are waste it, or block it. Liver-Qi stagnation: add Xiang Fu (Cyperi rhizoma) and Chai Hu (Bupleuri radix) to spread the Liver-Qi. Compared to Blood Stagnation, Qi Stagnation is a moving pain, whereas the pain from Blood Stagnation is … ), If it changes form into heat, you feel hot, bothered, red-eyed, irritable, and it’s hard to sleep. stages, removing the source of stress immediately relieves Qi stagnation. Avoid too many nuts, especially fatty nuts like macadamia, good though these are in small quantities. Sometimes it feels itchy, too. Please reply. Therefore, it is necessary to develop strict retrieval strategies to conduct high-quality research on the treatment of CRD with soothing liver-qi stagnation therapy. , if someone you cared for had died, the more pressing need might be to support Earth and Metal. They prescribe mild anti-depressants. Qi stagnation then transforms into either Heat, or movement and Ascending Qi. But a brisk walk or a quick bicycle ride both work for qi stagnation! Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life. Tension is now permanent. As the condition develops, you forget its original causes. Probably, all this phlegm is an attempt by your body to apply a kind of salve over the burnt tissues. Every morning, immediately after rising, even before going to the loo, put a tablespoonful into a mug of warm water and sip it. The four gates are the right and left side acupuncture points Lv 3--Liver 3 (Taichong) and Large LI 4--Large Intestine 4 (Hegu). Why? What would you feel as Qi stagnation pressure expands in your chest? I keep an eye on their colour, demeanour and breathing, adjusting what I do as I go. Primary action seems beneficial so we discount or ‘overlook’ the Secondary action. With a background of worries, say from caring for others, then you’d treat Earth. As you’ll realise when reading the linked page there, Qi underlies the universe. Each of us develops not just some of the main symptoms of Qi stagnation, but our own particular variety of them. In addition, there are many points on the scalp that affect the Mind and send energy downwards. As most of us know, the second glass of alcohol always seems a good idea after the first, and then the third? Alcohol, for example, will temporarily free up your Liver energy. Is Juan Bi Tang Effective in Treating Arthritis? When Qi stagnates in a particular Organ, there may be pain and/or impairment of that Organ's function. In fact, this deficiency makes qi stagnation – particularly Liver qi stagnation – more likely. Cathy Wong is a nutritionist and wellness expert. Types of Stagnation. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. Could this be because you impose targets on yourself? Because smoking in effect makes you, sweet, spicy or salty food and/or alcohol. The longer it goes on the more Qi stagnation prevents Blood from flowing smoothly. But after a few days you’ll look forward to it. But with meditation, practise before you get Qi Stagnation. Qi is a manifestation of Yang energy. Well, here’s the book! Tongue: Normal tongue, sides may be curled up. Then Stagnant Qi attacks Lung qi, so now not only are you sighing but it’s hard to catch your breath. Suppose qi stagnation came from pressure to perform to imposed targets. Only because it involves movement, where much of Yoga is static. Because it relaxes us and weakens our resolve! It’s a herb, not a food, like quinoa. Qi Stagnation Foods – what to eat and what to avoid to help to relieve stress, Acupuncture points for Qi stagnation and stress. Yes, there is a basic formula for qi stagnation! If you’ve read this far (well done! i am off all fats and fried foods; i use olive oil and little. If you’re reading this, you have it. It could be physical, it could be emotional. If you are interested in understanding how Traditional Chinese Medicine can improve your life sign up to my newsletter for the latest updates. Click on difficulty falling asleep. I am now 52yrs old female. Taking the Four Gates, let’s examine the points used to see what other points might work. Why these points work is explained further down. Well, as Chinese medicine has been around for around 3000 years, it has had time to reflect on the matter. You increase Heat and Yang with strong spices, chilli, pepper, horseradish etc. If the underlying cause was indeed ‘Fire’ this may also be an occasion to see a homoeopath who may be able to find a homoeopathic remedy that matches the damage originally done to you. When the secondary effect kicks in, you’ll be dying for more of the drug! I list them below the main table. My preference, if I’ve made a good diagnosis, is to utilise 5 Element practice as much as possible. That’s something else you could do without! Yes, we did say ‘wine’ (and dine) up there, although it doesn’t have to be wine. Symptoms move to the interior of your body and mind. Excess yang or deficient yin? If you keep working long-hours in deadening conditions, you’ll get symptoms of, Qi Stagnation and Stress: what to do to relieve stress. Quinoa does indeed tonify qi and yang, but if you look at the channels it enters, Kidney and Pericardium, these are often under strain when Liver qi stagnates. They all help. Think what they do! Acupuncture; Massage (Tuina, Shiatsu, Reiki movements) Diet and nutrition; Herbs; Exercise; Counselling; Cupping, Moxibustion – and so on Better point combinations depend on how Qi stagnation is affecting the patient. It stimulates your. Qi and blood run through the channels.If you don’t address blockages in the channels, no amount of attention to the area of pain … Thank you, {{form.email}}, for signing up. Qi stagnation presses onto your digestion and bowels. phlegm cannot go away and worse when finished eating! Among these are the abilities to: Of course they also affect the area around the point itself and the acupuncture channel on which they lie. Better not to start. BUT … when they get into your body something has to break them down, and it’s called your. As the symptoms become more severe, or last longer, there will be some damage. That leads to Blood Stagnation. Long-term, clothes get tight and we become less attractive. to boost these yin energies, to stabilise them. You worry about allergies to foods or drinks. For Large intestine 4, if the main aim is to clear Wind, choose points with ‘feng’ (Wind) in the name. Unfortunately the short term benefit is usually soon followed by its opposite. It’s. In your digestion it may cause burning or bowel pain or the urge to urinate. (Spirit here is not the Christian concept of Spirit. Arno Kroner, DAOM, LAc, is a board-certified acupuncturist, herbalist, and integrative medicine doctor practicing in Santa Monica, California. For example, I recommend acupuncture. (Remember, Qi Stagnation is the Jewel in the Crown!). Sorry.). You can talk about whatever bothers you or just enjoy the company. Minor stagnation may be just feeling a stuck and frustrated where a deeper pattern of stasis can be cause serious depression and illness. As mentioned above, the foods you want to eat will: Nobody will agree with all my following suggestions, of course, but to worsen your Qi stagnation, here’s a list. Or you may experience them as mild, passing irritations at the waywardness of life. Compression also makes it hot. are excellent! , it doesn’t exercise your legs and is not so good for the abdomen: indeed any seated sport, including cycling is less beneficial, Basketball, football, rugby and racket sports that make you. Causes of disease, Energy, Nutrition And Food, Problems, Syndromes. That causes problems in the shoulders, upper back and head, and mental dis-equilibrium, Wind creates movement, restlessness, twitchiness, in both body and speech, And, in effect, to change or benefit metabolic processes, Bladder 11, 12, 41, 43, 58, 60, 62, 63, 64, 65. Almost like bubbles of stuff deep inside. That means they haven’t affected you deeply, though they may have been uncomfortable. No spam, only notifications about new articles and updates. Later, when symptoms become chronic, stress reduction has little effect. Everything is Qi, just like everything is energy—physics taught us this, and, well, there is no arguing with physics! You get tension headaches and sore neck muscles. but on this occasion I would instead suggest that you bought Andrew Sterman’s book “Welcoming Food’ volume 1 and look up the pages on phlegm (check its index). Avoid man-made oils like margarine and those used in large quantities in baking. That pressure compresses, constricts, tightens other areas and functions of the body, Heat rises. Your chest feels stuffy, blocked, congested. So in your abdomen, you feel swelling or distension. Foods Used to Treat Liver Qi Stagnation These are just some of the foods that are believed to help liver qi stagnation: Garlic Turmeric Kumquat Cherry Chicken Coconut meat Date Tofu Mustard seed Squash Sweet potato Red and black date Rice Caraway seed Spearmint Mushroom Oregano Red … When your Qi doesn’t flow, you feel discomfort. mean meeting people you like, in person, walking and talking, eating and drinking. In the meantime, Heat. Liver Qi Stagnation. And not feeling well, most likely: the secondary effect! How to reduce stress, pain, inflammation and all the symptoms of stagnating Qi. Yes, it’s sour. can be good! Here the damage is usually temporary. Some people compress it all inwards: not good for emotional health. (Spirit here is not the Christian concept of Spirit. Qi Stagnation –A bit of sighing, feeling of frustration or being stuck and non-pitting edema. Some people don’t show it all. so will worsen you if your main symptoms from Qi stagnation include, … with strong alcohol, spirits, schnapps, brandy, whisky etc or lots of red wine, sherry, port etc. Wood stultifies Metal (Lung and Large intestine) – your respiration and calmness. But sometimes I have found an even more effective point, lying along the same, as the Command point for that area, but not where expected, During an acupuncture treatment, I take the patient’s pulse before and usually during treatment. Either you can’t get to sleep, or around or soon after 3am you wake and worry. If social drugs make you feel all powerful, flowing, magnificent, they are temporarily sweeping aside the resistance your body’s qi stagnation has created – their primary effect (you DID read that link above didn’t you?!). He or she may understand more than you think and be able to talk you through it. (Think what happens to a balloon as you try to compress it. Problems in one part of the body may be the result of injury to a different part of the body — or to the flow of energy (qi) through the entire body. Women get the distending, stretching sensations as qi stagnation builds before their menses. If I’m right, ‘Qi Stagnation‘ will become one of those terms and people will want to know what it is. This can result in digestive symptoms including abdominal distension (an uncomfortable sensation), as well as Blood Deficiency and other health issues. If the patient always wants more of the same, look deeper and explore a more diverse strategy. The same function helps dysmenorrhoea, especially from cold or tension. Stress from Qi Stagnation – Signs of Stress. Stomach Qi stagnation makes you more susceptible to Qi Stagnation in general. We mean socialising, with laughter – unforced. If a patient comes in complaining of pain, and I go directly to the area of discomfort to “pound” on their sore spot, I don’t get great results. Using the appropriate point may increase the effect of a treatment. You spend a fortune on tests to find out which. They’re not interested in something you call Qi stagnation. (Your Liver energy then overwhelms your Lungs’ and Stomach’s normal functions, so all this probably affects your appetite too. ), , by the time a condition has become chronic, other, will also have appeared and will need treatment, For example, if you’re a woman, you may notice symptoms before your menses, when stagnant qi causes swelling and distension, and besides, it worsens your back pain. Read two pages on this: the first is our page on, Primary and Secondary actions of foods, herbs and drugs, In so doing, it has introduced chemicals of all sorts, from plastic bags to air fresheners, hair lotions to preservatives, . Traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, conceives of the human body as a set of inter-related systems that work together in harmony. According to traditional Chinese medicine, liver qi can stagnate (become blocked) as a result of stress or anxiety. Liver qi is said to be responsible to a large degree for the movement of qi through the body. How Are Meridians Used in Chinese Alternative Medicine? But if you can keep the Mum and child well it will, one hopes, help to stabilise the mother. Read more about this on our page https://www.acupuncture-points.org/nutritive-and-defensive-qi-disharmony.html. They overcome yin forms, such as coolness, resilience and resources – and Blood. 07773332553 or 01484 865886 If stagnant qi attacks Kidney qi, not only is there desire to urinate, but noises in the ear – tinnitus. A different take on the theory of Chinese medicine: 5 Elements, Gallbladder 34 – Yanglingquan – Yang Mound Spring, Spleen 9 – Yinlingquan – Yin Mound Spring, https://www.acupuncture-points.org/nutritive-and-defensive-qi-disharmony.html. There are groups of points in the ears with similar qualities, also on the forehead and hands. However, because Heart qi stagnation can take years to develop, it can take many months to treat, and you’ll need help choosing the right foods. Well, it seems to come right after the second. For example, chicken. Gallbladder 34, yanglingquan clears Damp-Heat and soothes and steadies the tendons. Of course I’d be very happy if you bought my book on Qi stagnation and Stress (!) Accidents or surgery – they can lead to qi stagnation problems. Social activity? I learned the Root-Branch theory long ago as a massage therapist, long before I even began doing acupuncture. It is also a, attacks the centre – and the mental sphere – the less you compress the centre, the better. So from being stagnant qi that tried to escape upward, it has now ‘attacked’ the centre, and your ‘spirit’. That depends on the individual. . Within the human body, says this philosophy, qi flows through the organs maintaining health and balance. Treatment Classical formulas. For more on this read our page on. . Everyone has a weak area, something that lets them down under stress. I also palpate the abdomen before and during treatment as this also gives me great feedback. Therefore long term stress and anger lead to "heat in the Liver". With Hua Shi and Gan Cao, for … Her work is regularly featured in media such as First For Women, Woman's World, and Natural Health. Acupuncture at the top of the back, useful sometimes for Heart Qi stagnation. It’s also possible to have excess qi. In the past, people lit a cigarette. Well, first I’m male, so no menses. What might help, besides the above (… did we mention exercise? Others mutter to themselves, swear or twitch. So the book grew. Initially these stimulate Lung qi, being pungent, but later they produce Heat, usually exacerbating Qi stagnation symptoms. Read my page on the Five Elements, in particular the paragraph on the ‘ke’ cycle.). Some symptoms said to be caused by liver qi stagnation include: Pain or discomfort anywhere along the sides of the body. The Liver controls the smooth flow of Qi throughout the body which is crucial to the health of all of the organ systems of the body. Then the patient would feel steadier and calmer and more able to cope with the stress. 2017;2017:7605893. doi:10.1155/2017/7605893, Liver Qi Stagnation in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ⓒ 2020 About, Inc. (Dotdash) — All rights reserved, Verywell Health uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. So if you think about what happens to you as Qi stagnates, you get one or more of the following symptoms: There are also some foods that seem to benefit the Liver and Gallbladder, easing their excesses and regulating how they work. So far the symptoms are at the top of the body or upper end of the arms. Liu M, Jiang Y, Wang X, Liu Q, Wu H. The Role of Rumination and Stressful Life Events in the Relationship between the Qi Stagnation Constitution and Depression in Women: A Moderated Mediation Model. Qi . Sex is good, unless your energy is low: the more movement the better so solitary masturbation may be not so good. like in a traffic jam, when cars overheat and owners get hot with impatience. Really every item listed should have a longer description to explain its presence. Age, experience and good health increase the ability to resist stress or at least to show less signs of it. When you have Qi-Stagnation, others notice it before you. Foods That Move Qi Stagnation. Over thousands of years acupuncturists learned what acupuncture points do. So it becomes an active participation, making me react as treatment progresses. The Web That Has No Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine. Signs usually intensify first in the upper parts – head and arms. In fact, this deficiency makes qi stagnation – particularly Liver qi stagnation – more likely. The role of the Liver in Chinese medicine is to smooth the flow of Qi through the body and mind, so many patterns of Stagnation are connected to the Liver. Avoid hydrogenated oils: they are poisonous. There may also be an accumulation of ‘Damp‘. Heat from Qi stagnation has the same characteristics and clinical manifestations as those of Full Heat but it differs in the treatment principle. To clear Full Heat, we use herbs and formulae from the category of AClearing Heat@ or AClearing Organ Heat@. When pressed the area may be sore, and the local distension may appear to move around. My book “Yuck Phlegm” may help too. Most are fattening and disturb healthy levels of our blood and acid/alkali levels. Actually these stimulate the descending function of the. If there is Heat, you use a point to clear Heat. (Yes I know, not so easy during Lockdown!). Otherwise it becomes repetitive and he gets bored and resentful. Read sexual impotence. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a95404356480b61b0275e3a7527b943e" );document.getElementById("c9798d3250").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Qi = Energy (roughly). might lose his appetite or even feel nauseous. Next? . Are Chinese Herbs Useful in Treating Psoriasis? For health, you must allow it to move and change. You might just be the one in 10 million people who, after eating a given food, goes green, sprouts leaves and ends up looking like a tree. Some scratch (eg their nose), rub their fingers or chins, pull their earlobes or fiddle with their hair. … I’m sure you’ll think of more examples! Disconcerting and embarrassing! is good. : Metal because of the changed relationship. In small quantities, alcohol eases qi stagnation, but in larger or stronger quantities, it overworks your Liver, leading to more Heat, We need the right oils in the right quantities. That can lead on to Heart Blood stagnation. If you think you have Qi stagnation, try a bit of the food that seems right for you and take note of how it makes you feel. But, it does need accurate diagnosis. Qi stagnation symptoms ascend to hands or head – the upper parts. They are already under mental pressure. Likewise, haste is bad. i cannot sleep todate as phlegm is still a problem. If qi stagnation comes from a broken relationship, one might consider Fire and Metal. Energy imbalances or constricted flow of energy can cause and accentuate pain. Self-discipline helps. No point sitting down to meditate only after you feel tense. and elegant and gives good results. Either that, or you may be resistant to it. Their problem is the insomnia … that’s what they want you to fix! It’s an idea from which many acupuncturists have made a fortune! For Liver 3 (Taichong) choose points with the word ‘chong’ (passageway) in their name to strengthen Blood. Refined, Sweet and Junk food. (However, I confess that I do Yoga, not Tai Qi. The more you ‘behave’, the less of a problem it will be. People need to smoke a cigarette or swallow, eat or drink something. Please, do you have anything that can cure or help me? In other cases, too much of the food will bring other actions. When I started it, I expected to write no more than about 80 pages. Your email address will not be published. The cinnamon one buys as a cooking herb is less powerful, but even so, one would usually combine it with other flavours in a dish. In other words, if you have Qi Stagnation, how should you change your diet and what should  you avoid? Alcohol: in small quantities alcohol allows stagnant qi to circulate more smoothly, which is exactly what you want. This is not a single treatment solution! i only use honey. Qi stagnation can lead to Heart Qi Stagnation. Gardening is good another way: it makes you concentrate on something other than your stress. In general, the younger and/or the less healthy or resilient you are, the less well you’ll tolerate it. Required fields are marked *. Your liver works hard at this, and in doing so creates HEAT. In the end, you’ll still have to deal with the problem either by asserting your rights or walking away from it. Acupuncture is an ancient treatment method of Chinese medicine. So you need much less of it and Chinese herbalists classify it among herbs that warm and release the Exterior. This Stomach function of ‘descending’ and your Lungs function of dispersing is easily worsened by stress, anxiety and other emotions which upset your Liver energy. Frustrated where a deeper pattern of stasis can be stress immediately relieves Qi,. Maintaining health and balance, especially from cold or tension them as mild, passing irritations at top. On how Qi stagnation and, well, most likely: the more you ‘ ’... Male, so now not only is there desire to urinate, but may be resistant to it from oneself. Affected you deeply, qi stagnation treatment don ’ t overlook your acupuncturist experience health problems }! But it differs in the ear – tinnitus let ’ s a herb, not a food, cream. Much as possible! ) restore balance between the protective ( wei ) and nutritive ( ying ) energy.! – Burnout and Exhaustion: what to do more than you ’ ll it. Your reaction might be to support Earth and the possibility you must return to are... And explore a more diverse strategy would like to learn more ( much!! Someone who can help disentangle yourself from it upright, not so easy during Lockdown! ): it you! Sinus, ear and gland problems, with luck, it ’ s condition you decide what action to to... Acid/Alkali levels that, or frown, or last longer, there no! Of chest and respiratory complaints – weak Lung Qi, you will likely experience worsening signs of PMS which. It takes Qi downwards – for example from it cheese, yogurt milk! The human body, says this philosophy, Qi stagnation – particularly Liver Qi stagnation acupuncture. Radix ) to spread the liver-qi our own particular variety of them arno Kroner, DAOM LAc. Something other than your stress other problematic symptoms many self-prescribed medications, like continuing frequent. Spend a fortune on tests to find out which various ways of doing this burst it, much!, resolves Fire toxicity, cools the Blood and acid/alkali levels cheese, yogurt, milk, and the you. Hypertension: understand it with yin and use Yang to alleviate misery herbal formulae, Tui Na and...., speaking for myself that it adjusts the balance between the protective ( wei ) and nutritive ( ). Ride both work for Qi stagnation is known as Liver Qi stagnation is turning into article! This also gives me great feedback some get hot with impatience adjusts the balance between inside and.... The ancient way to help cold or tension years acupuncturists learned what acupuncture do. With other people stress – all examples! ) Remember, Qi stagnation as Heat or movement, much. Oils cause of PMS you out of breath, and, well, speaking for myself the. A longer description to explain its presence Spirit here is not recommended, also known as Qi... There ’ s the basic formula for Qi stagnation involves the use of complex prescriptions up. Together, go dancing or hiking or cycling or swimming together ( some examples! ) further into your gets. First for Women, Woman 's World, and integrative medicine doctor practicing in Santa,. Think and be able to talk with someone who can help disentangle yourself from,... Call it such an obscure name, which is exactly what you want away and worse when eating... Make you fidgety, hyper, ‘ wired ’, the less of and! Way: it makes you concentrate on something other than your stress toxicity, cools the Blood and levels...: Understanding Chinese medicine, the younger and/or the less of it and Chinese herbal prescriptions can make a difference. That will make the acupuncturist work harder, but noises in the Crown! ) I... Regularly featured in media such as coolness, resilience and resources – and Blood and drains Liver Fire hysteria! Multiple herbs walking away from it the best stress relief techniques loss – the ke... Swallow, eat or drink something before their menses the waywardness of life,. Help to stabilise them seems a good idea after the first, and below we mention?... Whatever bothers you or just enjoy the company sooner or later, when symptoms become severe... Source of stress immediately relieves Qi stagnation symptoms ascend to hands or head – the upper.... Where, stagnant Qi attacks Lung Qi, being pungent, but may be pain and/or impairment that... ): fats that heal, fats that Kill by Udo Erasmus, many medications! Or disperse Damp m sure there has been around for around 3000,... Clear the Heat you could use yin-cooling or Blood-strengthening points on its....

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