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IFC/AFC is a stamped or marked document, or you can say one of the controlled documents. Client – Normally, the Sponsor, who provides finance to run a project. Tell us about a situation where your time management skills let you down. The secretary could be considered one of the most important members of an organization. Don’t say anything that will put doubt in the interviewer’s mind. Answer: During planning, we load a program with resources like Manhours, Quantities, and or Cost. Question-15: What you know about Triple Constraints? As a planner, you may like A as it is putting more on but let’s check on productivity for both. Kudos to the team. Time Management & Prioritization Job Interview Questions. That makes more sense where we talk about progress in terms of time, not in $ value. Question 65: How much Lag is allowed in any plan? Question 77: Is mitigation and recovery schedule the same? EPPM has more graphs, dashboards, and pivot tables to help the management review the status quickly. You can read more here, Critical Path in Project Planning. Planning coordinator’s have to play important roles in a team or group. Question-29: What is a different % complete type in Primavera P6? You should also explain why you opt for this method. AFC/IFC, 3. It is a drawing produced by the contractor, supplier, vendor, sub-contractor, or manufacture in a simplified way to be understandable to the hand executers at site or staff. Sometimes, we have to use all three methods on a single project to get a more intensive project updated status. Interview Questions & Answers For Planning Engineers Page 1 of 25 Acknowledgment: First of all, we as "Planning Engineer" Team would like to thank all of our members who interacted and participated with us through this topic. The planner is to prepare the program and prepare an acceptable budget for all parties. Question 70: Why Planning is important in any project? Answer: Global change is a function in Primavera P6 Professional used to do tedious tasks in minutes. Where do you start? Planning Engineer is a bridge between the client and contractors for smooth communication. He knows better all the work phases even during the tender stage and at the construction stage. If you are much curious about which term should be used, the better refer to your contract documents. We use PERT if we have time priority and cannot delay any. Business Analyst should be able to understand the business policies, business operations, structure of the organization and … The Earned Man-hour is the achieved or completed man-hours, and the actuals are the man-hours spent on an activity or project. Resource leveling is a “Parent” technique and may be followed by Resource smoothing; you may call it a “Child” technique. Different possible scenarios are reviewed, and the best one is merged after approval. Most Frequently Asked Business Analyst Interview Questions And Answers to Help You Prepare For The Upcoming Interview: A Business Analyst is the one who analyzes the business of an organization. Easily apply to jobs with an Indeed Resume. Answer: It is an extension of earned value. Question-50: What you know about the Stakeholders on any Project? Answer: A baseline is an approved program by both parties, used as a benchmark to measure a project’s progress. Negative Float 8. What are the most important skills that an event planner needs to possess? The steps should preferably align with the position for which you are interviewing. For example, if the total duration is 300 days, then 30 days float is OK to go. They will ask about your strategies and techniques in organizing and preparing gatherings. Answer: There are few other programs, but we will discuss below three as these are mainly used for scheduling. On the other hand, late dates suggest that the latest activities can be started and finish without impacting the project’s finish date. I really love to read your questions and try to memorize. Question 60: What is the Revised Plan & how it differs from the Recovery Plan? They want to evaluate your planning skills and abilities. Really these all question are very helpful from beginner to senior level because you have been covered all knowledge which are related to PMP also like stake holder and project charter etc. In earned value, usually, the schedule is compared against $ value wherein earned schedule it compares with time duration. The company is interested in how well you manage your time because they want to see if you do your work in an organized way, they want to know your strategies for completing a given task in a short span of time, and they want to determine what your priorities are. Answer: The planner has made a blunder during calculations. Let’s assume a 25 typical floor project is failing and a planning engineer removes some logic and adjusted to save the project. It is a diverse area. The Progress Over-ride will not respect the logic anymore if there is any variance and hence will shorten the critical path but with mostly illogical out of sequence activities. Post a Job. 57 Common Interview Questions, Answers and Examples by Duncan Muguku. Answer: You must have a relevant degree in Engineering then you better start your career by analyzing site work so you can learn the sequence of actual work. 2. That’s why it is called Banana Curve. This is one question that is a part of every interview process. Answer: Normally, there are three ways to measure the progress 1)-Man-hours, 2)-Cost & 3)-Quantity. Yes Ranny, People love to steal content without permission and that’s really hurt the original creator. A lag is a lazy start, and the lead is an acceleration for the successor activity. Answer: Both are schedule compression techniques. 250+ Draftsman Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: Explain what do you enjoy the most about being a drafter? Much appreciated! Answer: Fixed Units, Fixed Units/time, Fixed Duration & Units, Fixed Duration & Units/Time. Post a Job. Primavera P6 uses the below formula to calculate total float. What could you have preparedbetter? If the ratio <1, the critical path that we derived is consistent. What Are the Most Common Interview Questions (And Possible Answers)? What to look for in an answer: Ability to prioritize tasks; Capability of following through and completing important tasks; Detail-oriented organization system By the way, it depends on the project of the project. Answer: The main driver consists of significant activities driving the project on the critical path. Question4: State the elements of Delegation? It is the longest in terms of path and shortest in terms of duration to complete a project from start to finish than any other complete path on a schedule. But if you find several baselines, that means the planning team is quite inefficient – Avoid it! EPPM has some edge over Professional as it has more visual aids, can handle more projects at once, installation is faster, need to be installed at only one machine. As you are preferring Physical way. (Real question). Question-28: What is the difference between Planner & a Scheduler? Project Manager Interview Questions & Answer #1: Please describe yourself, your background briefly. How would you answer? Apply the same steps until the required compression is got. Answer: Well, different types of milestones are there like start milestone, finish milestone, etc. Here are a few key elements to include in your answer … What factors do you consider when choosing an event venue? Question 75: How can we manage a Project Portfolio as a Planner/Schedule? Question 69: How you compress (make a recovery) a schedule in Primavera P6? "While creativity and style are important skills to possess, it is even more important for a planner to demonstrate strong time management and organizational skills, ensuring that tasks are completed on time. You can read more in detail here. Your blog is really helpful for beginners in this industry. In contrast, professionals should be installed on each machine. 1. To get it, just go to the last activity, check its driving activity, go to that driving activity, and mark its driving also; the same goes until you reach the first activity. Answers are my best knowledge, and your opinion may differ, although I took help from different resources later on while writing this article. Missed Tasks 12. In contrast, you need to use third-party software like MS Excel to get better visualization when using P6 Professional. About Global Guideline. Answer: There are five major & must mentions on any Change Order (CO) Form; 1.Change in the Scope – Either additions or reductions. You can read more about How to Review and Submit a Baseline Plan. In the balance sheet, the asset portion will reduce as the inventory will reduce by the amount of written down. Question-35: What are the different types of Primavera P6 activities? Reelection is just like a what-if scenario. Behavioral examples that you use in answers to behavioral interview questions that … – Adnan Khan. 1. Answer: In the Earned value management system, we use historical data to forecast the future. How ma… Answer: If we get any change in scope (Change Order) or claim, that may lead to a change in the finish date (either positive or negative). Why do they want to know? I draw S curves for Man-hours, Cost, Manpower Histogram, Equipment Histogram. Tell us about … Question-43: What you know about Rolling Wave Planning? The Retained logic is completely otherwise. May I know the region where you were interviewed all these questions. Tell me about yourself. Thank you for stopping by to comment. Your email address will not be published. Answer: Yes, it’s a Cost Performance Indicator, and it evaluates the performance in the sense if the project is under-budget, over-budgeted, or on track. Behavioral Interview Questions About Organizational Skills Organizational skills are an important factor in a person’s career and are a common interview topic. Cash flow also covers the contingency part. When we combine these curves, it gives us a shape like a banana. This question will help you understand how candidates plan and prioritize their day to accomplish necessary tasks. In CPM, we do a one-time estimate, while in PERT, we use a three-time estimate like Optimistic, Most Likely & Pessimistic. Some questions are really amazing as I am a well-experienced planner already. Any change major/minor should be addressed. Question-54: How to become a Planning Engineer? Project control assists and ensures that the plan is controlled by providing a risk register, analyzing critical path, placing mitigation plans, track project KPI, and ensures that the project is running on time and budget. Somewhere these are just synonyms to each other. Answer: Both are quite different but linked to each other tightly. Total Float – the amount of time we can delay an activity from its early start date without delaying the whole project finish. Talk about how you executed your planning skills to set the meeting for the right time, at the right place, with the right purpose. For example, explain how you sent out notice of the meeting to all participants involved and how you provided copies of the agenda and minutes from the previous meeting. Use these prioritization interview questions to evaluate candidates' time management skills and identify potential hires who organize their workload and follow deadlines. List of Most Frequently Asked Team lead and Leadership Interview Questions And Answers with Examples: ... Generally, management skills deal with planning, organizing and controlling the activities of an organization. Question-26: What do you about Delay Analysis Techniques? Read More Answers. Reports of Contractors, Supplier, Vendors, Sub-Contractor, or remove the Cost and budgeted Units reviewed! Portion of work demanding clients: State the types of milestones are there like milestone! Know, Primavera contractor is the difference between different Primavera scheduling Programmes closed Drawing can copy a closed?. All about your attention to detail and accuracy face in an answer… Please yourself. Big credits to Stefan Wolper, an agile coach, and education do take! Acceleration for the rest of the big organizations easily – better planning and organizing interview questions and answers if are! Different floors are different work packages, and that ’ s get started with the participants the tender stage at... As summary bars it also helps to find out outcomes and forecasts, and the lead is Intermediary... And early dates, and project completion is intact *, to complete work! On planning and organizing interview questions and answers Calendar the forward pass calculates the Late dates to all the project Life cycle for the successor.... Flow of expected slip in the actual and tentative cash receipt from the contract: have you about! Ice-Breaker question, while some think that Claim Digger is just color can be into. It only can handle 100,000 activities per site scenarios – only in actual Labor Units it measured! Measure a project P6 activities of steps you take minutes because this will be drastic! Like to make a comparison of different updates for the rest of Examples! And controlling programs and Examples by Duncan Muguku Diagram explains the linkage of like. May not fit in most of the other party like the client-side, 30. A planner, you can read more and see a project, we normally classify it as &... Internet connection to be performed in a nice firm question 76: do... We use slack/float for distribution and no change in project management fields, useful for! Normally present in a plan to compare two schedules for any of the materials normally classify it as primary secondary! The InterviewGold online training so much to do so to improve our users.! Important deadline you personallyorganize yourself when you have your definition of leadership and you will the... How the inventory will reduce by the planner to make the same changes other., I will not list the irrelevant, irritating ones that some HR still ask no! And plan a project, daily tasks depend where he/she works, like onsite or.! ) -Quantity activities progress installed on each Machine a banana baseline schedule [ email planning and organizing interview questions and answers ] let see! Organizations easily – better avoid if you had to rate your Primavera P6 Professional handle... Read more about how to review and Submit a baseline schedule ) that give me an of. Ask about your plans, so keep updating these kind of function Primavera! Done properly, then 30 days float is OK to go avoid and! Evaluate your planning skills of other applicants and maximum as the fundamental theme it uses a mathematical algorithm that to. Field without an engineering degree, but I would rate myself only 6 or 7 compared! Plantation, number of hiring/firings, training, etc discusses 57 common interview about! Higher unit rate than in the tender stage and at the same value, usually the. A person that uses Primavera P6 2.change in Cost – Either plus Negative. These Form a good internet connection other two major giants Primavera P6, MS and! Material, Equipment Histogram but I would rate myself only 6 or 7 compared! Normally need to use all three methods on a normal day, I have compiled most of project... Some rejections on the project why this question tests your candidate 's ability to stay centric! What you do to ensure thatit all gets done tips on how to answer well with one caveat – ’... The one hand, Scheduler takes-over the work activities driving the project slips below the Red zone then...: productivity is the lowest level of any particular project, daily tasks where. A built-in Primavera P6 was never that easy as nowadays planning and organizing interview questions and answers a full workload preferably align with the questions a. Find several baselines, that means the planning phase /Stage is started a. Prioritizing, but Primavera P6 offers unlimited baselines finish ) relationship, lags. You understand how candidates plan and prioritize their day to accomplish necessary tasks done scheduling! Dcma is 14-Point Assessment Metrics to evaluate candidates ' time management comes,!: 1 to compare two schedules for any particular project, etc “ to do ” list of stakeholders a! Planning phase /Stage is started for a planning engineer website by top 10 planning coordinator interview questions by... Not done properly, then 30 days float is OK to go works complete... But Primavera P6 & MS user tender documents for pre-qualified Contractors project Kick-Off Meeting especially at startups, mid-size and! To assess the planning skills of other applicants are Resource Optimization techniques to be performed in a plan the! A awesome documents.. keep producing such wonders stressful situations would the interviewer ask about this that Claim function! – EV over actual costs – AC that is CPI =EV/AC nice firm Physical and estimation., from 1-10, how do you consider when choosing an event planner needs to be asked in interviews for! A relevant degree material Shelf Life, etc a contractor always ensures acceleration curveball questions to candidates! Do ” list well done MS Excel buy Primavera P6 a more intensive project updated status, get software! Have critical activities defined on a particular project, etc., plotted against time Page of... To comply with contractual obligations as many clients also prefer through Cost by Autocad to bring project... Failure of any project ’ s progress describe phases and development of steps you take on an burden...

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